May 24, 2019

Type 2 Diabetes wins ClearMark Award of Distinction

managing type 2 diabetes

clearmark award

Once again, GV CERV and IHA make it to the finals in the 2019 ClearMark Awards – iCan Manage Type 2 Diabetes wins ClearMark Award of Distinction.

GVCERV Communications, in collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Advancement, has been awarded as a finalist and recipient of the ClearMark Award of Distinction in the category of “Brochure over 10 pages” with ” iCan Manage Type 2 Diabetes: Up-to-date information on ways to live well with diabetes”.

The finalist and winner of the Award of Distinction was the ” iCan Manage Type 2 Diabetes: Up-to-date information on ways to live well with diabetes. This brochure was developed and designed to further the engagement of patient-centric behaviors and results by utilizing well-written plain language and health literacy design principles to facilitate this initiative.

From the cover to the inside spread design, GV CERV coupled the messaging in the written content and translated the final design to help patients try to understand and manage their type 2 diabetes.

The brochure structure and design encompassed sections covering topics such as identifying, managing, implementing lifestyle changes, and a success story when dealing with type 2 diabetes. The brochure concluded with a positive and empowering message and the premise of “I can!” along with answers to common questions about managing type 2 diabetes.

We were proud to have also been in the running with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Communicate Health (winning entry), and the Start Smart Foundation.

Gilbert Velazquez (Health Literacy Designer)

health literacy designerAllow me to bring my medical and healthcare communication design experience to your next healthcare initiatives. I look forward to taking part as a health literacy designer to better serve “your” audience by helping them reach their goals to understand their own healthcare needs.

It is all about individuals taking control of their healthcare over time, and a health literacy designer can help.

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