About GV CERV Communications

We are about fulfilling your marketing communication needs via design of web, print, presentation, and video.

GV CERV Communications brings in just the right amount of support required to serve its clients better. Whether it is an expanded development team, production, or other support services, efficiency in time and budget is always in our scope. Should you need that temporary or long-term creative marketing support, we can help you achieve your marketing communication goals with a personal touch. Every client is our priority.

gilberto velazquez-creative director

Gilberto Velazquez

President, Creative Services

GV CERV Communications was launched in 2000. Gilbert Velazquez, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), has combined his academic and real-world industry experience in graphic design, web, advertising, healthcare marketing and education, health literacy design, photography, videography, and fashion to furnish his clients with concepts that help them meet their marketing communication needs. Gilbert is a hands-on creative director who engages with the design, development, and client delivery process to ensure the client’s goals are met.

With his comprehensive background in healthcare communications, Gilbert has adapted his experience of over twenty years to serve his clients from a multitude of industries better. From his beginnings as a staff designer for a small New York City marketing communications firm to creative director of a leading medical communications company in New Jersey, Gil instinctively knows how to go from concept to finalization. 

don silvernail

Don Silvernail

Digital Marketing and WordPress GURU

Excelling in multimedia communications, Don has developed unique strategies to promote and distribute content while driving organic traffic and qualified leads to clients’ websites. Using a data-driven approach, clients are situated as experienced leaders within their respective industries. Through inventive Digital Marketing strategies, Don has delivered results that rival big-budget marketing firms.

Our support team of excellent writers and editors

Over the years, we have worked with dependable and talented writers and editors to help us communicate customized content our clients may need when the scope of work requires it.