The quest to find the golden egg that is the most appropriate for your design and marketing solution.

Within the crowded field of design and marketing solution providers, you generally have 3 options. You can choose an agency, multiple vendors, or GV CERV Communications. Budget, timeline, and the level of partnership you desire are key.

The Agency Approach

When project costs are based on staff support, your needs can be lost in the daily shuffle of the agency environment. This option can potentially translate into unsatisfactory customer service, frustration, and higher costs.

You need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Can my business afford a large agency expense?
  • Can my business truly benefit from the larger cost burden of dealing with an agency?
  • Will I receive the attention that I deserve from the agency project managers?

Multiple Vendors

This approach requires you to manage, or even micromanage, to ensure that all the vendors come together as they should to reach your design and marketing needs. Your expertise is your company, product, or service. Trying to oversee and develop your entire design and marketing package can strain your resources. This can translate into unsatisfactory results.

You need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have the internal staff to monitor all the phases of a particular project?
  • Do you have staff that understands the multiple interactions that are involved to prevent last minute issues from delaying delivery or ramping up costs?
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“Think of GV CERV Communications as a single solution to integrate and support your marketing communication needs at whatever point in the timeline they are in.”

As a personalized and coordinated solutions provider, our fundamental approach is to communicate clearly from the start. We will help you achieve your goals while being in sync with your budget, timeline, and expectations. Initially, GV CERV will evaluate what is just the right amount design and project development your needs require, to reach your marketing communication goals.

GV CERV Communications will bring to the table, uncompromising attention to detail, quality, and integrity that supports your overall product or service.

Let’s begin the conversation.

We want to listen to your needs and challenges for your product or service and develop marketing and communication tools, from digital presentation and delivery, to tactile forms of communication. Our extensive range of creative development experience will bring you closer to your target audience.

— Gilbert Velazquez, President Creative Services

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