Welcome tour to our school videos

The importance of Video for business marketing – Case Study RKS Schools of New Jersey

The usage of video to help your particular audience to your school or facility better understand what makes your business or institution unique can not be underrated. GV CERV was tasked to film and produce a finished school tour video for both The Gateway School of Carteret, NJ, and Alpha School located in Jackson, NJ. Over several months, we filmed in a candid approach as if you were a parent speaking with key staff to learn more about what each school has to offer.

The video tours open with a warm and candid welcome by each respective principal with some of their students. From there, the video tour explores each of the key departments and programs pertinent to each school.

Each primary staff member introduces their respective critical programs. For instance, academics, social skills, a school-based behavioral and mental health program in collaboration with the Rutgers University Behavioral Health (UBHC) are presented. The transition and job-training program and related services such as occupational and physical therapy, speech, and assistance with adaptive medical equipment are featured in these short video tours.