September 5, 2019

Short Documentary Premiere

Lights, Camera, Action – To Screen!

RKS Associates is a network of special education schools here in New Jersey. GVCERV Communications has been supporting its digital marketing since 2016. One of the most critical aspects of this is also seeing an opportunity to tell a story that parents and professionals of special needs children are looking for to inform and engage.

That opportunity was discovering the story of how one of RKS Associates schools, Harbor School came to be back in 1968. After storyboarding the script of interviews, on and off location filming “A Story about a Harbor” began. Using a minimal crew and careful planning, we were so thrilled once the premiere happened on August 9, 2019.

A packed audience of harbor school parents and students, special education professionals, and community leaders got together to pay honor to the dedication of the staff who have made Harbor School what it is over the decades. The event opened with a welcome address by Anne Gunteski, Principal since 1993. In addition, some of the guests were Anthony Talerico, Jr- Mayor of Eatontown; Eric Houghtaling, NJ Legislature Assemblyman, 11th District and, Dr. Kim Buxenbaum, NJ Department of Education.

The 20-minute film told the story of how the school started and progressed over the years. The harbor and sea theme of the Jersey shore was a perfect fit.

Watch the film below.

Gilbert Velazquez (Storyteller/visual designer)

health literacy designer

Allow me to bring my visual and communication design experience to your next marketing and community awareness initiatives. I look forward to taking part as a hands-on designer/storyteller to better serve “your” audience by helping them better understand what your story needs to be.

Connecting with your audience requires “emotion, realism, yet a need to touch upon what makes sense to them.

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