February 6, 2018

Create a scientific poster design that stands out…

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Scientific poster presentations are a popular and time-tested method of presenting research findings at scientific poster sessions, conferences, meetings, and hospital environments. The audience, the goals of the content and competitive nature of so many posters on display at any one time can be a challenge. Authors and researchers close to the content can sometimes get lost trying to determine the best way in which to display their findings visually. This article titled “Create a scientific poster design with success…” was created to outline a goal of scientific poster design that creates an engagement with the viewer that garners conversation and a memorable discussion.

At GV CERV Communications we have over 20 years of experience articulating the scientific and technical content in a way that allows the presenter to comfortably know their content is being presented in a clear and concise way.

Our experienced approach takes into account the use of appropriate colors, graphics, and typography which can be read and interpreted at a comfortable distance. In addition, our experience with the requirements of the poster session organizers is just one of many factors we take into account when designing your scientific poster.

Some of our design principles we follow to create a successful scientific poster are:

  • Where can content be edited down to either a bulleted list or callout statements
  • If graph data is necessary, can it be consolidated or better articulated using a variety of graph formats and techniques
  • Can the use of photography and infographics make a difference and simplify a complex message
  • The use of contrast and typographic varieties in a minimalistic way to better serve the content and understanding of the data.

A professional graphic designer experienced in scientific poster design will explore all of these options and more. We understand the sensitivity of the data and the importance of a non-commercial and clear presentation. We review with the client an approach that brings a clean, and clear dissemination of data to drive a final message for your scientific audience.

Our approach to scientific poster design is NOT based upon use of a scientific poster template approach, but rather a methodology based upon your audience, your content’s core messaging and goals.

The final step consisting of production and logistics are crucial to ensure the correct party has the means of delivering and setting up the poster as required. We have worked with a variety of congresses, symposium and conference organizers across the country and abroad, so we understand timelines and budgets.

GV CERV Communications has successfully designed, developed and produced scientific and research posters for a variety of events such as:

scientific poster designs by gvcerv

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Here at GV CERV Communications, let us bring over 20 years of medical and healthcare communication design experience to your scientific poster session needs. Working within your budget and your timelines is what we understand. Call us at 732.996.6328 to learn more about what GV CERV Communications design and development services can do for you.

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