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Studio blog-GV CERV Communications a boutique design studio in Monmouth County New Jersey. Providing web, print, and multimedia design solutions. GV CERV Communications, Inc. is a personalized and coordinated design solutions provider, our key approach is to communicate clearly from the start. We will help you achieve your goals while being in sync with your budget, timeline, and expectations. Whether your needs are web design, SEO, marketing communications, print support, powerpoint, and event support, GV CERV Communications will bring to the table, uncompromising attention to detail, quality, and integrity that supports your overall product or service.

Health Literacy Design Principles – Spacing and Image Selection

Whether a health educator, communication specialist, or health care provider, the understanding and use of health literacy are required to better serve the patient population across demographics, social-economic barriers, and literacy levels. There are many components to designing for health … Read More

Health literacy design principles from a designer’s point of view (Introduction)

Health literacy can be one of those terms that you either understand in its true form or make the wrong assumptions about its meaning.

Health literacy design principles evolved since the 1990’s by defining, redefining, and quantifying the functional literacy … Read More

Designing for your health care target audience

Audience generation – how to make it work from healthcare to medical communications

It may not be apparent, but the designer’s role to garner attention from your specific audience to increase audience attendance is just as important as the … Read More

Create a scientific poster design that stands out…

… by contracting with a graphic design professional that understands scientific poster design.

Scientific poster presentations are a popular and time-tested method of presenting research findings at scientific poster sessions, conferences, meetings, and hospital environments. The audience, the goals … Read More

How to make your PowerPoint interesting – A PowerPoint designer’s perspective

How to make an interesting powerpoint presentation

As a graphic design studio, we see PowerPoint as the go-to solution for B2B, or professional audience presentations. Over the years, PowerPoint has gotten a potentially negative reputation as a cumbersome, awkward, and … Read More

5 questions to ask before designing your healthcare initiative

When designing your healthcare initiative, the medical and healthcare field offers a plethora of imagery from intensive mechanism of action imagery, scientific graphics, or simply patient quality of life images. The challenge is not to just determine a “pretty … Read More

A Supplement to PWJ – PAINWeek Journal on Managing Opioid Risks and Adverse Effects

GV CERV designed the supportive CME/CE supplement to PAIN Week Journal titled “Managing Opioid Risks and Adverse Effects In a Politically Charged Environment” in collaboration with Global Education Group and Rockpointe Corporation. This educational supplement is intended for surgeons, … Read More

Developing a health literacy community

GV CERV has been contracted with the Institute for Healthcare Advancement to design and further develop a website that connects the health literacy (HL) community with the best evidence-based resources in the HL field. The content and value of … Read More

Special education websites for a network of schools

GV CERV Communications is happy to announce the launch of and Alpha

RKS Associates consists of several special education schools located in multiple counties in New Jersey. Both Harbor School and Alpha School were launched in the … Read More

Enhancing a network of special needs schools in NJ

GV CERV Communications was awarded the web re-design and development of a network of special education schools in New Jersey. The network of schools is part of RKS Associates a network of schools which provide the very best in education, … Read More

Continuing a Health Literacy Initiative

Since 2014, GV CERV Communications has been supporting a health literacy initiative between the Institute of Healthcare Advancement and Consumer Reports to further empower health literacy across the United States. Our ongoing series of health reports and patient education tools in … Read More

Developing your personal brand? Yes, it’s part of the larger picture.

A very insightful article by Deloitte LLP CMO Diana O’Brien. Developing your personal digital brand.

So how can business leaders build a personal brand online? Consider the following per the author Diana O’Brien:

  1. Think about the things you care … Read More

Instagram used for online branding

Since 2010, Instagram has certainly claimed its niche among the various online/social media platforms. This article explores 5 great examples of how global brands are making the best out of their use of Instagram.

5 Branded Instagram Accounts to Learn … Read More

2016 ClearMark Award of Distinction

On Tuesday May 10th, 2016 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, GV CERV Communications was awarded the “ClearMark Award of Distinction for the Health Insurance: Questions and Answers brochure developed in liaison with the Institute of Healthcare Advancement … Read More

Launch of our new site

At GV CERV Communications, we are happy to announce the launch of our new site on April 19th, 2016.

Read More

Design trends for 2016

Design trends, technologies, and flavors for typography and imagery are never ending. This informative article taps into what designers and marketers need to be aware of going into the New Year. This blog by Maria Antonietta Perna delves into … Read More

2006 Annual Awards Exhibition Certificate of Excellence

Gilbert Velazquez of GV CERV Communications was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the Evolution 44th Annual Awards Exhibit. The certificate was awarded under the category of Booklets and Brochures: 8 pages or less in four color. The winning piece … Read More