UX design and prototyping

ux design nj hydration app concept

The ever evolving environment of the user experience via mobile technologies continues to evolve and go through its trends. Our design principles are carried over into the UX design process as well. This example was for a proprietary prototype presentation for a hydration app geared to inspire the user to properly intake, maintain and track their daily water intake. Utilizing animated badges (Hydration Rewards), the user is continuously inspired to stay the course by personalized text prompts and animated rewards over the course of time and as they progress through their goals.

The user experience design process encompasses research of the target audience, their interaction (similar behaviors) through testing both in the prospective design and the competitive app environments already on the market. From this feedback, we can better access the design needs and UX experiences that need to be translated over to the development team for coding and further development.

Click below to play a video presentation of the UX design prototype.