Scientific poster design


You have invested so much in preparing your scientific content, so why not work with a design studio that gives your scientific poster the attention it deserves?

From provided manuscript, we have developed a multitude of posters from medical to life science annual meetings. Our experience can bring your scientific poster presentations to life from manuscript to finished product ready for display. Do not leave your important data to be “squeezed” into a template, we evaluate each poster as a unique platform to present your science and data. Contact us today for your next scientific poster needs.

To further detail our approach and experience with scientific and research poster designs, please read the article titled “Create a scientific poster design that stands out by contracting with a graphic design professional that understands scientific poster design.”.

With over 15 years of experience designing and working with writers and editors, we understand the challenges of telling a complex story in such a limited space. Dealing with time constraints and budgets, we can guarantee that your research will get the presentation it deserves.