IHA 19th Annual Virtual Conference – A reimagined conference during a pandemic.

The emergence of COVID-19 has disrupted conferences across the globe. The Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA), a not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3) public benefit charity had to reimagine their 19th Annual Health literacy Conference that was supposed to be in Irvine California in May of 2020. Their answer was creating a virtual health literacy conference titled “Health Equity and Disparities in the Time of COVID-19“. Despite those challenges in such a short time to plan and generate an audience, IHA, with the support of a fantastic plethora of speakers that span the globe of health literacy professionals, became a reality. In April of 2020, GV CERV began the design and branding process of reinventing along with IHA the branding, audience generation tools, promotion, and presentation design for their conference. With an anticipated audience of over 800 attendees via the Limitless Association Solution Resource platform, we were thrilled to have helped put the theme of this virtual conference in front of the health literacy community’s eyes and ears to support their mission further. Never in our recent memory has the urgency and importance of integrating health literacy into mainstream health communication been more apparent than during this global pandemic of COVID-19.