Health book series & e-commerce/health literacy site

Institute of healthcare advancement-Healthy Book series
Developed site for The Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA). This non-profit publishes patient books and organizes an annual health literacy conference. In addition, the IHA offers health literacy writing and graphic design services for the advancement of healthcare nationwide. The site consists of both dynamic content using a CMS and an e-commerce solution for the IHA’s book series. Upon conclusion of the design and development, the site was handed off to the internal team of IHA to handle subsequent updates throughout the life of the site.

The Institute for Healthcare Advancement is a not-for-profit, private operating foundation providing health care and improving health literacy at the national level. Located in La Habra, California, the IHA has worked with GV CERV to better serve and enhance all of their health literacy communication needs while working in collaboration with many national consumer and B2B organizations.