Health Literacy Month Website

Our continued support for furthering health literacy extends with the design and creation of

Health care organizations, community services, health literacy coalitions, government agencies, literacy programs, universities, and many others have hosted a wide range of Health Literacy events and awareness during October, which is health literacy month. The goal of Health Literacy Month is to promote the importance of understandable health information. This annual, worldwide, awareness-raising event was founded by Helen Osborne in 1999.

The purpose of the site was to inform and educate health literacy professionals worldwide of the importance of bringing health literacy month and its year-long goal of furthering the mission. One of the community aspects of the site is the creation of “health literacy heroes”. A health literacy hero is either an individual, teams or organizations who identify health literacy problems and act to solve them. Being a hero enables them to share and inform other health literacy professionals of your ideas and your influence. The Institute for Healthcare Advancement vets the hero form submissions, and in one-click, the new hero is featured on the site.
health literacy month website